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Could this be your calling? Will you be the next change-maker in our mission?

Launches 2024

Better Dad Institute Certification: Empower Dads Everywhere

At the heart of the Better Dad Institute is our unwavering mission: to nurture a world where every father understands his profound influence, where he's empowered to form deeper connections, and where he's equipped with the knowledge to lead with love, compassion, and strength. We envision a world filled with fathers who question the norms, understand their unique fatherhood journey, and consciously evolve in their role to be the best versions of themselves.

To further this mission, we're excited to unveil our next groundbreaking initiative.


Introducing the Better Dad Institute Certification Program.

As a beacon of transformation, you'll not only embody our mission but also carry its flame, lighting the way for fathers everywhere. As a certified mentor, you will be equipped with the tools, insights, and strategies to guide fathers on their journey.

You will be certified to do:

  • Mentoring Sessions: Use the QUESTION technique to offer transformative 1-on-1 mentoring sessions. Provide clarity, direction, and purpose as fathers embark on their self-discovery journey.

  • Personalized 3-hour Mentor Program: Dive deeper into a dad's unique challenges, aspirations, and goals, guiding them with tailor-made insights, exercises, and strategies.

  • Workshops: Conduct enlightening group sessions, allowing fathers to bond, share, and learn. Be the guide as they embark on collective journeys of understanding and growth.

  • Affiliate Program: As part of our extended family, gain exclusive access to our Mentor affiliate program. Earn 25% of all sales you generate, fostering a deeper connection with our community and turning your passion into a profession.


The Business Potential - Earn back your initial Investment

The Better Dad Institute Certification is more than just a credential; it's a complete "business-in-a-box" opportunity. By becoming a certified mentor, you'll be equipped with the tools, techniques, and strategies that have already changed the lives of countless fathers.

This isn’t just about transforming fatherhood; it's about building a fulfilling and profitable venture for yourself. With a structured system in place, you can launch and grow your own mentoring business, empowered by our tried and tested framework. From workshops to 1-on-1 sessions, you'll have multiple revenue streams, all while making a genuine difference in families worldwide.

For an investment of 2500 EUR for the certification, the returns can be both rewarding and impactful:

  • Host just 3 workshops with 8 participants each, charging a fee of 79 EUR, and you'll accumulate 1896 EUR.
  • With 5 individual 1-on-1 mentoring sessions at 129 EUR each, and one 3-hour personalized mentor program at 299 EUR, your total earnings escalate to 2840 EUR. In this journey, you'll not only reclaim your investment but also generate a profit!

After earning back your initial investment you have a 'business-in-a-box' - However, more than the monetary gains, the true wealth lies in the lives you touch, the stories you reshape, and the global community of empowered fathers you help forge.

So, are you ready to combine purpose with profit? Could this be your pathway to success and significance? Will you be the next pillar in our mission?