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Your journey as a father is unique, but you don’t have to walk it alone. The Better Dad Circles promise consistent support, expert guidance, and a community that understands and values your journey. Every dad has a story, every story is a lesson, and every lesson is a step towards being the best dad you can be.

Join us, share, grow, and transform—one circle at a time.

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Our commitments to you

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Empowerment: We are committed to empowering fathers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to excel in their role as caregivers and positive role models for their children.
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Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and commit to creating an inclusive community that respects and celebrates the unique experiences and perspectives of all fathers.
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Expertise: Our resources and advice are based on evidence-based research and expert insights, ensuring the highest quality support for fathers.
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Personal Growth: We promote continuous personal growth and learning for fathers, recognizing that becoming a better dad is an ongoing journey.
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Emotional Intelligence: We prioritize emotional intelligence and communication skills, helping dads build stronger connections and understanding with their children.
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Safe Space: We provide a safe and judgment-free space for fathers to share their challenges, seek advice, and find support from a like-minded community.
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Family Balance: We advocate for work-life balance, encouraging fathers to find harmony between their parental responsibilities and personal pursuits.
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Advocacy: We actively promote the importance of involved fatherhood and strive to break societal stereotypes about parenting roles.
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Impactful Relationships: We emphasize the significance of meaningful father-child relationships and the positive impact they have on the well-being of children.
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Future-Oriented: We are dedicated to building a better future by fostering engaged and nurturing fathers who contribute to strong and resilient families.
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Global Reach: We aim to extend our support and resources to fathers worldwide, recognizing that the need for engaged parenting knows no boundaries.
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Continuous Improvement: We continually assess and enhance our programs and offerings to better serve the evolving needs of fathers and families.


Our mission is to support fathers becoming better dads and to contribute to the well-being and happiness of families across the globe.

At Better Dad Institute, our mission is to empower and support fathers on their journey to becoming positive role models and engaged caregivers. We believe that being a better dad is an ongoing process of growth and learning, and we are committed to providing fathers with the tools, resources, and community they need to thrive in their role as parents.

We strive to foster a culture of inclusivity and understanding, acknowledging that each father's experience is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. Through evidence-based research, expert advice, and personal stories, we aim to equip dads with practical skills and emotional intelligence, enabling them to build strong, loving, and meaningful relationships with their children.

Our vision is to create a world where every father feels confident, supported, and empowered to be actively involved in their child's life, leaving a lasting, positive impact on future generations. Together, we are committed to promoting the essential role of dads in nurturing happy, healthy, and well-rounded individuals, and ultimately, building a better future for families worldwide.

Meet the founders

Martin Cooke, co-founder

A devoted stay-at-home father, nurturing four children with love and empathy while actively supporting other dads on their parenting journey.

Jesper Conrad, founder

A globe-trotting stay-at-home father to four children, passionately exploring the world together while cherishing the joys of family life with boundless love and enthusiasm.