Meet the founders

Martin Cooke, co-founder

A devoted stay-at-home father, nurturing four children with love and empathy while actively supporting other dads on their parenting journey.

Jesper Conrad, founder

A globe-trotting stay-at-home father to four children, passionately exploring the world together while cherishing the joys of family life with boundless love and enthusiasm.


Our goal: Making the world a better place - one dad at a time

Welcome to the Better Dad Institute, where we believe that every dad deserves the chance to be the best they can be. In the heart of our mission is the nurturing and strengthening of the bond between father and child, the most beautiful and rewarding journey a man can embark upon.

Among our inspirations are the concept of the Evolved Nest, as put forth by the eminent psychologist, Darcia Narvaez. This idea underscores the natural and indigenous way of upbringing, where a child is raised in a nurturing nest, surrounded by the caring presence of fathers, mothers, siblings, extended family members, and community elders.

In today's fast-paced society, this nurturing nest often faces disruption. The fabric of close-knit communities and tribes is stretched thin by the demands of a fast-paced life, leaving dads feeling isolated in their parenting journey Recognizing this gap, we at the Better Dad Institute is dedicated to recreating this nest for dads who long for that sense of community and guidance.

We are your tribe, offering the support of a brother, the wisdom of an uncle, and the camaraderie of a friend. Drawing on principles of attachment parenting and unschooling, we believe in building secure relationships and fostering natural, child-led learning. Each father's journey is unique, which is why our approach is individualized, providing tailored guidance through our 1-on-1 mentoring program.

As fathers to four children each, we've experienced first-hand the joyous challenges and milestones of raising children, from the early toddler years through to the teenage phase. This personal experience, combined with our professional expertise, helps us guide dads through their own unique paths in fatherhood.

But we're not just about mentoring. We're about building a community. A space where fathers can learn, grow, and share. A tribe where they can find solidarity, encouragement, and understanding. A nest where they feel connected, supported, and valued.

Join us in our mission to weave the nest for modern fathers, bridging the wisdom of traditional tribal parenting and the nuances of today's fatherhood. Walk this transformative journey with the Better Dad Institute, where we believe in not just making you a better dad, but in making the world a better place, one dad at a time.

The Origin of The Better Dad Institute

Our mission is simple yet impactful: to impart wisdom acquired through years of experience in the challenging yet rewarding realm of fatherhood. As fathers of four children each, we've embarked on a journey that has taught us the profound significance of being a present, attuned dad, far beyond our initial imaginations.

Our paths crossed in 2019 at a worldschooling conference in Granada, Spain. It was during a men-circle organized by Martin, a gathering of eight dads who sat together to exchange stories, fears, and hopes about their roles as fathers. This marked Jesper's first encounter with a safe, communal space that celebrated fatherhood in all its shades - a place where he could voice vulnerabilities and connect deeply with fellow dads.

From this meeting, a concept germinated - Jesper yearned to offer other dads this potent sense of connection while also smoothing their journey into fatherhood. He envisioned a platform to share the lessons and missteps from his personal voyage of fatherhood and founded The Better Dad Institute and invited Martin Cooke to join. 

Like many, our journey into fatherhood began unprepared. We had good fathers, yet they were mostly absent from daily parenting. This wasn't a critique of their character but rather an indication of a different era - an age where fatherhood often remained on the outskirts of child-rearing.

As we evolved into our roles as fathers, we yearned for more - more for our children and more for ourselves. We didn't merely want to father our children; we aspired to be actively involved dads. This decision diverged from conventional norms, resulting in unique challenges and victories. Martin transitioned into a full-time dad, assuming primary caregiving duties while his wife advanced her career. Meanwhile, Jesper began working from home in 2018, enabling him and his family to roam the world without compromising his involvement in his children's lives.

Today, we stand enriched with experiences, knowledge, and insights we wish we had when we initially embarked on this path. We've turned those wishes into reality with The Better Dad Institute, a platform to share our learnings, nurture a community, and motivate a new generation of dads to fully participate in their children's lives.

The Better Dad Institute helps fathers chart their unique courses through fatherhood. While we provide the roadmap, the journey is uniquely yours. We invite you to join us on this transformative quest of self-discovery, growth, and enriching fatherhood.

The symbolism of the Better Dad Institute icon

In the heart of the Better Dad Institute logo, resides the Celtic Knot, cradled with the nurturing circle of family.

Better Dad Celtic Knot

The Celtic Knot unfolds in three interconnected shapes that represents the core of our existence – son, dad, and mentor, which are the 3 roles you walk through in life. The intertwined Circle represents the family, reflecting our belief that family love is unending and all-encompassing, a guiding star that illuminates our life's journey.