The QUESTION Technique

Unlocking Your Journey to Exceptional Fatherhood

The road to exceptional fatherhood is a captivating voyage of introspection, learning, and personal growth. At the Better Dad Institute, our core belief is that fathers deserve both the knowledge and the tools to tread this path with clarity and intention.

At the heart of our philosophy is a groundbreaking strategy structured to handhold you throughout this transformative expedition. Introducing:

The Technique

This state-of-the-art framework encapsulates our vision of proactive and enlightened parenting, concentrating on perpetual self-improvement and forging a profound bond with your child.

The QUESTION Technique is integral to our 1-1 mentoring, workshops, and programmes. We eagerly await the privilege of guiding you through your fatherhood quest!


The QUESTION Technique delineates seven pivotal steps:

Q: Question Everything

Dive into introspection, analyzing your current parenting actions, sentiments, and credos.

You wouldn't be here if you thought that the "old school way" of being a dad is right. There is a question in you. A question about how it can be done better. How you can become a better dad.

We invite you question the dynamics of your relationship with your child, the alignment of your actions with your fatherly values, and the sources of your ingrained beliefs.


U: Understand Your Origins

Understanding is paramount.

Grasp where your current beliefs and values stem from.

Immerse yourself in the plethora of resources offered by the Better Dad Institute, enlightening yourself about various perspectives and techniques in parenting, thereby paving the path for well-informed choices.


E: Educate Yourself

Every journey requires a map.

As you chart your path, arm yourself with knowledge.

Learn, grow, and equip yourself to face the challenges and joys of fatherhood.

In our courses and workshops we bring forth our years of experiences, and the things we have learned from the books we have read and the relevant research on parenting.



The next phase is to Share. This step involves discussing your experiences, insights, and challenges with others, such as your partner, friends, or a supportive community like the one we've cultivated at the Better Dad Institute.

Sharing not only fosters a sense of community and shared learning but also allows you to gain feedback, encouragement, and different perspectives that can further enrich your fatherhood journey.


T: Trust the Journey

Tune into Your Potential. Trust is the beacon that lights your path.

Believe in your growth, your journey, and the infinite potential within you.

Keep your senses keen, always receptive to new lessons and insights.


I: Implement

It's not just about gathering knowledge and experiences, but also about letting them seep into your very core.

Now, it's time to put your reflections and new knowledge into practice.

This might involve adopting a new parenting technique, altering your communication style, or adapting your daily routines to better meet your child's needs.

By implementing changes, you're actively reshaping your parenting approach and taking tangible steps towards becoming the father you aspire to be.


O: Optimize Your Strengths and Address Your Weaknesses

Recognize your strengths, and let them shine.

But equally important is to identify areas of improvement. Addressing weaknesses isn't a sign of defeat, but a demonstration of growth.

With a balanced approach, you can achieve unprecedented heights.


N: Navigate Towards Your Goals

We have created tools for you to help you keep on track towards your goals.

With a clear map and a set direction, you will confidently navigate towards your aspirations.

Like the captain of a ship, you will steer with determination, knowing that every decision brings you closer to your envisioned destination.

When the goal is clear - the journey and the choices you make becomes easy


The Better Dad QUESTION Technique isn't just a method —it's a way of life.

Central to our ethos is the conviction that every dad harbors the potential to evolve, learn, and fortify the bond with their children.

Much like a compass directing a traveler, the Better Dad QUESTION dissects the intricate realm of fatherhood into clear, actionable segments: Question, Understand, Educate, Share, Trust, Implement, Optimize, and Navigate.

Each segment marks a distinct milestone in your journey, enlightening different facets of your multifaceted role as a father.

As a compass navigates through uncharted territories, the QUESTION methodology illuminates the unexplored realms of your potential as a dad, appreciating and nurturing the diverse aspects of fatherhood.

We are confident that this method will be the North Star on your voyage, and rest assured, we'll accompany you every step of the way.


Martin Cooke & Jesper Conrad
Co-Founders Better Dad Institute