6 Natural Ways for Dads to Bond with Their Newborn


Stepping into fatherhood can be a momentous transition, filled with a mixture of joy, anticipation, and even a touch of uncertainty. When it comes to bonding with your newborn, a more natural, holistic, and attachment-oriented approach can deepen this precious connection. Here are some techniques to help you strengthen your bond with your little one.

#1 - Skin-to-Skin Contact

Skin-to-skin contact, or "kangaroo care," is a powerful way to connect with your newborn. This tactile bond helps regulate your baby's temperature, heart rate, and breathing. It also triggers hormone release in dads that supports bonding and attachment.

The skin-to-skin contact causes a release of oxytocin—known as the ‘love hormone, which reinforces the emotional connection between dad and baby.

#2 - Partake in Breastfeeding Support

Though dads may not directly breastfeed, they play an essential role in supporting the breastfeeding journey. You can assist in positioning the baby, ensuring mum's comfort, and establishing a calm, nurturing environment.

Supporting during breastfeeding allows you to actively participate in this intimate experience, enhancing the emotional bond with your baby and partner.

#3 - Talk, Sing, and Hum to Your Baby

Your voice is a beautiful instrument that can soothe and engage your baby. Even in the womb, your baby began recognizing your voice. So, continue talking, singing, or even humming to your baby. Language and emotional bonding develop together. Regular vocal interaction stimulates these critical areas of your newborn's development.

#4 - Be a Part of Baby Care Rituals

From changing diapers to assisting with baths and bedtime rituals, your active participation in your baby's daily care can significantly deepen your bond. These routine interactions show your baby that you're a constant, loving presence in their life. Consistent routines provide predictability and a sense of safety for a baby. These shared routines are a great way to strengthen the father-child bond significantly.

#5 - Practice Baby Massage

Infant massage is an ancient practice with multiple benefits, including relaxation, better sleep, and enhanced digestion. More than that, it's a powerful bonding tool. Infant massage delivers essential tactile stimulation.And also just a really wonderful way to spend time with your newborn.

#6 - Carrying and Babywearing

Babywearing, or carrying your baby in a sling or carrier, allows for closeness, warmth, and bonding, even while going about daily activities. It offers the baby a sense of security, being close to your heartbeat and familiar scent. And hey - You can vacuum the whole house while carrying your baby - you can just as well let them feel safe and secure with noise around - they need to get used to the real world :)

Embrace these natural bonding practices with your newborn, and remember that every baby is unique, and the bonding journey varies for everyone. As you transition into this new role, be patient, and celebrate each moment. You are on a remarkable journey, and you're doing an amazing job!



Jesper Conrad

Empowering Fathers, Enriching Families